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Improve the appearance of your facility and the health and safety of everyone in it

Did you know an estimated 80% of the soil that enters a building comes in on the feet of people who enter the building? If 1,000 people come through your front door, they’ll bring about 20 pounds of dirt with them! That is dirt that lands on work surfaces and lessens aesthetic appeal. Dirt that decreases the function and lifespan of computers, mechanical equipment and carpets. It’s dirt that pollutes the air your employees and customers breathe.


Blue Chip Green Cleaning has an environmentally conscious approach

We’re not just cleaning your workspace, we’re applying a process called green cleaning. Blue Chip Green Cleaning uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products and equipment with the latest technology that actually improves air quality. Our trained green cleaning professionals make every effort to stop dirt and pollutants before they ever enter your environment. With this approach to preventative maintenance, and by implementing systematic cleaning procedures, we ensure consistent results with each cleaning.


Benefits of green cleaning have been documented

A recent EPA study found significant advantages for companies switching to green chemicals and green cleaning procedures. In this study, green cleaning resulted in:

  • 52% less airborne dust inside buildings
  • 49% reduction in volatile organic chemical (VOC) concentrations
  • 40% decrease in bacteria
  • 61% fewer fungi colony-forming units
A cleaner, healthier and safer environment means less money is lost to employee illness and absenteeism, and there are fewer accidents related to cleaning supplies.

Call us today for a free estimate

Blue Chip Green Cleaning offers advice, troubleshoots problems and provides full-service green cleaning solutions that positively impact your facility and the people in it. Learn more about green cleaning and preventative maintenance. Contact us today for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate.


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Blue Chip Green Cleaning offers cleaning programs for:

  • Professional office building
  • Banks
  • Medical Practices
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Churches & Community Centers
  • Fitness Center
  • Post construction and real estate clean-ups

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